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Fasc. Math. No. 66 (2023)

Açikgöz A., Esenbel F. – Neutrosophi connected topological spaces5
Akkouchi M. – Generalized Ulam-Hyers stability of group and stability of group and ring homomorphisms via a fixed point method 23
Gupkari S.A. – Some new generalized Riesz spaces over modulus function 39
Khan N. U., Khan M. I.– Results concerning the analysis of generalized Mittag-Leffler function associated with Euler type integrals 49
de Malafosse B.– Solvability of new (SSIE) involving the continuous and residual spectra of the generalized difference operator B(r,s) on c0 61
Miarka M.– An other proof of the Reich fixed point theorem 77
Mogbademu A. A.– On Enestrom-Kakeya theorem for a quaternionic polynomial 81
Singh G., Sing G.– On multivalent close-to-star functions 91
Sögütcü E. K., ur Rehman N., Dernek E.– Lie ideals with generalized derivations and derivations of semiprime rings 107



Fasc. Math. No. 65 (2021)

Antal S., Gairola U.C., Khantwal D., Matkowski J., Negi S. – A generalization of Matthews partial metric space and fixed point theorems5
Barman D., Sarkar K., Tiwary K.– Fixed point theorems for integral type contraction condition in 2-metric space 17
Baruah A., Dutta A.J. – On the class of p-bounded variation sequence of interval numbers 39
Gupta S., Narang T.D.– On simultaneous strong proximinality 47
Noiri T., Popa V. – Some form of open sets and continuity in ideal bitopological spaces 57
Tuyen L.Q., Tuyen O.V.– A note on the hyperspace of finite subsets 67


Fasc. Math. No. 64 (2020)

ALI A.M., V ALDES J.E.N., K ASHURI A., Z HANG Z. – Fractional non conformable Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for generalized ϕ-convex functions 5
ANASTASSIOU G.A.– Vectorial generalized g-fractional direct and iterated approximations by linear operators 17
CHATZARAKIS G.E., S ANTRA S.S. – On the qualitative behavior of the solutions to second-order neutral delay differential equations 43
FUNDO A., K ASHURI A.– Fractional trapezium-type inequalities for strongly exponentially generalized preinvex functions with applications 57
RAO N.S., K ALYANI K.– Coupled fixed point theorems in partially ordered metric spaces 77
TALEBI Y., D ARZI A.– Some results on graph associated to co-ideals of commutative semirings 91


Fasc. Math. No. 63 (2020)

ANASTASSIOU G.A.– Conformable fractional Iyengar type inequalities 5
BATRA R.– Common best proximity points for proximally F-dominated mappings 23
KULKARNI R.G.– Tschirnhaus transformation method sans false solutions for solving cubics 39
MURTHY P.P., P RASAD K.N.V.V.V., M AJUMDAR J. – Implicit functions under fixed point consideration in Probabilistic Menger spaces 45
SALAM A., S ARWAR M., K UMARI P.S. – Fixed point results via generalized rational and convex type contractions in modular metric spaces 63
WAGHAMORE H.P., M ALIGI R. – Some results on uniqueness and value distribution for q-shift difference differential polynomials 85


Fasc. Math. No. 62 (2019)

BECEREN Y., NOIRI T. – On pδs-irresolute functions 5
BORTOLAN M.C., CHATZARAKIS G.E., KALAIMANI T., RAJA T., SADHASIVAM V.– Oscillations in systems of impulsive nonlinear partial differential equations with distributed deviating arguments 13
DRAGOMIR S.S. – Some reverses of Hölder vector operator inequality 35
GUPTA V. – Differences of operators of Baskakov type 47
KASHURI A., LIKO R., IQBAL S. – Fractional integral inequalities for composite and k-composite preinvex functions 57
LAURIC V.– A Fuglede-Putnam type theorem for a class of almost normal operators 81
MATKOWSKI J. – Remarks of submultiplicative functions 85
MOGBADEMU A.A., KIM J.K. – The equivalence of convergence results between modified Ishikawa and modified Mann iterations 93
POPA V.– A general fixed point theorem for weakly subsequentially continuous mappings 103
SHOUKAKU Y. – Oscillation criteria for higher order differential equations with positive and negative coefficients 121
SUN C. – Normal Families and shared function II 141
TOUATI S., LEMITA S., GHIAT M., AISSAOUI M.-Z. – Solving a nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integro-differential equation with weakly singular kernels155


Fasc. Math. No. 61 (2018)

ALEKSIĆ S., MITROVIĆ Z.D., RADENOVIĆ S– On some recent fixed point
results for single and multi-valued mappings in b-metric spaces
CALDAS M., JAFARI S., NOIRI T. – New maximal and minimal sets via
βθ-open sets
DO©ENOVIĆ T., HASSANZADEH Z., SEDGHI S. – Coupled fixed point
theorem in b-fuzzy metric spaces
DRAGOMIR S.S. – Some inequalities for weighted harmonic and arithmetric operator means43
GABA Y.U.– Some extensions of Banach contraction principle in G-metric spaces55
JAIN R.S., REDDY B.S., KADAM S.D.– On existence of mild and classical
solutions of second order impulsive implicit differential equations
KISHORE G.N.V., RAO B.S., , SARWAR M.– Generalized (α,β)-rational
contractions and fixed point theorems in ordered Sb-metric spaces with
LASSAK M., MUSIELAK M. – Diameter of reduced spherical convex bodies 103
METWALI M.M.A.– The solvability of functional quadratic Volterra-Urysohn integral equations on the half line109
PATHAN M.A.– Unified (p,q)-Bernoulli-Hermite polynomials125
POPA V., PATRICIU A-M.– A general fixed point theorem for hybrid pairs
of mappings satisfying a new type of limit range property
ZATLA Y.T., DAOUDI-MERZAGUI N.– Positive solution for nonlinear
fractional differential equation with integral boundary value condition


Fasc. Math. No. 60 (2018)

ANASTASSIOU G.A.– Approximation by Max-product operators5
BANU B.U., YOUVARAJ G.P.– Radius of convexity of sections of a class of close-to-convex functions of order α29
CICHOŃ K., CICHOŃ M., SATICO B.– On regulated functions37
KASHURI A., LIKO R.– Some new Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities via
k-fractional integrals concerning differentiable generalized relative
semi-(r; m, p, q, h1 , h2 ) -preinvex mappings
KHOMDRAM B., ROHEN Y.– Some common coupled fixed point theorems in
Sb - metric spaces
ŁENSKI W., SZAL B.– Pointwise convergence of Fourier-Laguerre series of integrable functions93
MOJDEH D.A., EMADI A.S.– Connected domination polynomial of graphs103
EL-DEEB A.A., ELSENNARY H.A., NWAEZE E.R.– Generalized weighted Ostrowski, Trapezoid and Grüss type inequalities on time scales123
SAKER S.H., ABDOU D.M., KUBIACZYK I.– Opial and Pólya type inequalities via convexity145
SÖGÜTCÜ E.K., AYDIN N., GÖLBAŞI Ö.– Remarks on *-(σ, τ) - Lie ideals of
*-rings with derivation
SUN C.X.– Normal families and shared functions 173
TUYEN L.Q., TUYEN O.V.– Some properties of rectifiable spaces181


Fasc. Math. No. 59 (2017)

ACAR Ö., ALTUN I.– A fixed point theorem for ΨF - Geraghty contraction on metric-like spaces5
BADU G.V.R., TOLERA M. D.– Fixed points of generalized (α,ψ,φ)-rational contractive mappings in -complete metric spaces13
DRAGOMIR S.S.– Some results for isotonic functionals via an inequality due to Kittaneh and Manasrah29
KASHURI A., LIKO R.– Hermite-Hadamard type fractional integral inequalities for generalized (r;g,s,m,φ)-preinvex functions43
KHAN M.A., ALI T., KHAN T.U.– Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities with applications57
KIRIŞCI M. – Integrated and differentiated spaces of triangular fuzzy numbers75
KONGBAN C., KUMAM P.– Some random coupled best proximity points for a generalized ω-cyclic contraction in polish spaces91
MALAFOSSE B.– Extension of some results on the (SSIE) and the (SSE) of the from F ⊂ ε+F '  and  ε+Fx =F107
SELVAKUMAR A., PARIMALA M., SHANTHAKUMARI S.– On (I,γ)-g * -closed sets via ideal topological spaces125
ŞENGÜL U., DÜNDAR S.N.– Contra (μg, λ)-continuous functions133
SET E., MUMCU Î.– Some new fractional Fejér type inequalities for convex functions145
ZHANG Y., GAO Z., ZHANG H.– Meromorphic solutions of linear difference equations with polynomial coefficients159


Fasc. Math. No. 58 (2017)

ACIKGOZ A., NOIRI T., TAS N.– Contra (mX ,mY )-semicontinuous functions in
ADESANYA A.O., ONSACHI R.O., ODEKUNLE, M.R.– New algorithm for first order stiff initial value problems19
BARRERA W.E., MORALES J.R., ROJAS E.M.– A fixed point theorem for contractive mappings with nonlinear combinations of rational expressions in
b-metric spaces
CALDAS M., JAFARI S.– On semi δs-irresolute functions47
HARINA W.P., RAJESHWARI S.– Non-linear differential polynomials sharing small function with finite weight57
KASHURI A., LIKO R.– Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for MTm -preinvex functions77
KHAN W.A., GHAYASUDDIN M., SHADAB M.– Multiple-poly-Bernoulli polynomials of the second kind associated with Hermite polynomials97
NARANG T.D., GUPTA S.– Best approximation in metric spaces113
NASHINE H.K., AGARWAL R.P., SHUKLA S., GUPTA A.– Some fixed point theorems for almost (GF, δb )-contractions and application123
POPA V., PATRICU A.M.– A general coincidence and fixed point theorem for hybrid pairs of mappings satisfying a common coincidence range property 145
QAISAR S., HUSSAIN S.– On Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for functions whose first derivative absolute values are convex and concave155
RASHWAN R.A., HAMMAD H.A.– Stability and strong convergence results for random Jungck-Kirk-Noor iterative scheme 167


Fasc. Math. No. 57 (2016)

ANASTASSIOU G.A.– Fractional self adjoint operator Poincaré and Sobolev type inequalities5
BUDAK H., SARIKAYA M.Z.– On Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for s-convex mappings via fractional integrals of a function with respect to another function25
DRAGOMIR S.S.– New inequalities of CBS-type for power series of complex numbers37
KAREEM K.A., MOGBADEMU A.A.– On the number of zeros of a polynomial in a region53
KHAN N.U., USMAN T.– A new class of Laguerre-based generalized Apostol polynomials67
KÍŞÍ Ö.– On Wijsman I2 -Lacunary statistical convergence for double set sequences91
KOÇ E., GÖLBAŞI Ö.– Semiprime near-rings with multiplicative generalized
(θ, θ)-derivations
OANH B.T.K., THUY N.T.T.– Uniqueness of differential polynomials of meromorphic functions sharing a small function without counting multiplicity121
RAJ K., SHARMA C., PANDOH S.– Multiplication operators on Cesáro-Orlicz sequence spaces137
TERWASE A.P., DARUS M.– On coefficient problems of an operator with respect to symmetric point147
TUYEN L.Q.– A partial answer to a question of Y. Tanaka and Y. Ge157
TUYEN L.Q.– Cauchy symmetric spaces with point-countable cs-networks163


Fasc. Math. No. 56 (2016)

AGARWAL R.P., LUO M-J., RAINA R.K.– On Ostrowski type inequalities5
AKEWE H., MOGBADEMU A.– Common fixed point of Jungck-Kirk-type iterations for non-self operators in normed linear spaces29
DYAVANAL R.S., MATHAI M.M.– Entire and meromorphic solutions of linear difference equations43
GABA Y.U.– Some advances in the theory of quasi-pseudometric type spaces61
GUPTA A.– Ulam-Hyers stability theorem by tripled fixed point theorem77
JAFARI S., NOIRI T.– More on weak s-continuity in topological spaces99
MARZOUKI B., EL HADDOUCHI A.– Generalized altering distances and fixed point for occasionally hybrid mappings111
HOSSEINI MOGHADDAM S.M., MOJDEH D.A., SAMADI B.– Total limited packing in graphs121
POPA V.– A general fixed point theorem for a pair of multi-valued mappings in partial metric spaces129
SZYMAŃSKA-DĘBOWSKA K.– On second order nonlocal boundary value problem at resonance143
THANDAPANI E., SELVARANGAM S., RAMA R., MADHAN M.– Improved oscillation criteria for second order nonlinear delay difference equations with non-positive neutral term155
TIMIŞ I.– New stability results of Picard iteration for contractive type mappings167


Fasc. Math. No. 55 (2015)

AKINFENWA O.A., JATOR S.N.– Extended continuous block backward diffe-rentiation formula for stiff systems5
DAS M.– On some I-convergent double sequence spaces of fuzzy real numbers defined by modulus function 19
DEY R., DAS N.R., TRIPATHY B.C.– Ordered vector valued double sequence spaces29
DRAGOMIR S.S.– Inequalities of Jensen type for φ-convex functions 35
EZEAFULUKWE U.A., DARUS M.– A note on q-calculus 53
KOLK E. – On generalized Orlicz sequence spaces defined by double sequences65
KRANZ R., RZEPKA A.– On the approximation of functions from Lp by some special matrix means of Fourier series81
ŁENSKI W., SZAL B.– On pointwise approximation of functions by some matrix means of conjugate Fourier series91
DE MALAFOSSE B.– Solvability of sequence spaces equations of the from
( Ea )Δ+Fx=Fb
MALVIYA N.– The N-fuzzy metric spaces and mappings with application133
PATHAN M.A., KHAN W.A.– Some new classes of generalized Hermite-Based Apostol-Euler and Apostol-Genocchi polynomials153
RAJESH N., SUDHA P.– Properties of ω-continuous functions171
RASOULI S.H., SALEHI B.– On the existence of nontrivial solutions for nonlocal elliptic Kirchhoff type problems with nonlinear boundary conditions183
TUNÇ C.– Instability in multi delay functional differential equations of fourth order189
TUYEN L.Q.– Mapping theorems on spaces with sn-network g-functions199


Fasc. Math. No. 54 (2015)

BELAÎDI B.– Growth of meromorphic solutions of finite logarithmic order of linear difference equations 5
BORZOOEI R.A., SAEID A.B., REZAEI A., RADFAR A., AMERI R.– Distributive pseudo BE-algebras21
CHAURASIA P.K.– Operator valued measures as multipliers of L1 (I, X) with order convolution41
DATTA S.K., BISWAS T., BHATTACHARYYA S.– Growth estimates of composite entire functions in the light of slowly changing functions based relative order, relative type and relative weak type59
DHANKE M.B., BORA P.S.– On nonlinear second order Volterra-Fredholm functional integrodifferential equation with nonlocal condition in Banach spaces75
GUPTA V., SINGH B., KUMAR S.– Fixed point theorems for Kannan type mappings in 2-menger spaces97
HUSSAIN S.– Some more properties of γ-s-closed spaces 117
MOHANTA S.K.– Some fixed point theorems using wt-distance in b-metric spaces125
I - open sets


Fasc. Math. No. 53 (2014)

AL-OMERI W., AL-OMARI A., MD NOORANI M.S.– α-local functions and its properties in ideal topological spaces5
BANERJEE A., MAJUMDER S., MUKHERJEE S.– A uniqueness result on meromorphic functions sharing two sets II 17
BUNYAWAT A., SUANTAI S.– Strong convergence theorems of one-step iterative scheme for a countable family of multivalued mappings in a Banach space31
ELABBASY E.M., ELEISSAWY S.M.– Global behavior of higher order a rational difference equation39
HATIR E., AL-OMARI A., JAFARI S.– δ-local function and its properties in ideal topological spaces53
JAIN R.S., DHAKNE M.B.– On mild solutions of nonlocal second order semilinear functional integro-differential equations65
LISKOWSKI M.– Density of smooth functions in Sobolev spaces "wth mixed functions"77
MATKOWSKI J.– A counterpart of the Taylor theorem and means85
MISHRA V.N., KHATRI K., MISHRA L.N.– Strong Cesáro summability of triple Fourier integrals95
OKEKE G.A.– Approximation of fixed points of some classes of nonlinear mappings113
RASHWAN R.A., ALBAQERI D.M.– Approximating common random fixed point for two finite families of asymptotically nonexpansive random mappings129
SANTHI P., POOVAZHAKI R., RAVI O.– Contra quotient functions on generalized topological spaces149
TUYEN L.Q.– Remarks on sequence-convering closed maps 161


Fasc. Math. No. 52 (2014)

ALJARRAH H.H., MD NOORANI M.S., NOIRI T.– Slightly -(μ, λ) continuous functions5
AL-OMARI A., NOIRI T. – w-sets and ∨w-sets in weak structures space due to Császár15
BISWAS A.– On relative order of entire functions of several complex variables25
DUNG N.V.– A general fixed point theorem on G-metric spaces35
HAZARIKA B.– Some classes of ideal convergent difference sequence spaces of fuzzy numbers defined by Orlicz function 45
KHEDR F.H. – Properties of ij-delta open sets65
NADIR M., GAGUI B.– Numerical solution of Hammerstein integral equations in Lp spaces83
OKEKE G.A., OLALERU J.O. – Common fixed points of a three-step iteration with errors of asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive nonself-mappings in the inter-mediate sense in Banach spaces 93
OLGUN A., TAŞDELEN F. – On the rates of convergence of certain bivariate linear positive operators117
RAJESH N., VIJAYABHARATHI V.– On almost (γ', γ) - (β', β) -s-continuous functions131
SEZER A.S., ATAGÜN A.O., ÇAGMAN N. – N-group SI-action and its applications to N-group theory139
TRIPATHY A.K., PANIGRAHI S., BASU R. – Oscillatory and asymptotic behaviour of fourth order nonlinear neutral delay differential equations with positive and negative coefficients155


Fasc. Math. No. 51 (2013)

ABBAS S., BENCHOHRA M.– Uniqueness results for Fredholm type fractional order Riemann-Liouville integral equations 5
ARACI S., ACIKGOZ M., QI F., JOLANY H.– A note on the modified q-Genocchi numbers and polynomials with weight (α, β)21
ATAPOUR M., SHEIKHOLESLAMI S.M., VOLKMANN L.– Signed star {k}-domatic number of a graph33
BOSEDE A.O.– Stability theorem involving comparison functions and E-distance in Hausdorff uniform spaces 45
BOUHADJERA H., POPA V. – Some common fixed point theorems for occasionally weakly compatible mappings satisfying implicit relation and contractive modulus53
CHANDOK S., NARANG T.D.– Invariant points of best approximation and best simultaneous approximation61
EHIGIE J.O., OKUNUGA S.A., SOFOLUWE A.B.– A class of exponentially fitted second derivative extended backward differentiation formula for solving stiff problems71
HAZARIKA B.– On acceleration convergence of multiple sequences85
HUSSAIN S., AHMAD B.– On locally γ-s-closed spaces 93
LIU K., LI P., ZHONG W.– On a system of rational difference equations 105
ÖGÜNMEZ H., ÖCALAN Ö.– Oscillation for difference equations with several positive and negative coefficients115
SEZER A.S., ATAGÜN A.O., ÇAGMAN N. – A new view to N-group theory: soft N-groups123
SHARMA P., CHANDEL R.S.– Fixed point theorems for weakly compatible mappings in fuzzy metric spaces 141
SINGH J., BISHT R.K., JOSHI M.C.– Conditional reciprocal continuity and common fixed points149
SUBRAMANIAN N.– Some generalized spaces of vector valued double sequences defined by a modulus 159


Fasc. Math. No. 50 (2013)

AL-HAWARY T.A. – Fuzzy C-flats 5
AZIZ W., GUERRERO J.A., MERENTES N. – On Nemytskii operator in the space of set-valued functions of bounded p-variation in the sense of Riesz with respect to the weight function 17
ELABBASY E.M., ELEISSAWY S.M. – Qualitative properties for a higher order rational difference equation33
EL-ATIK A.A., NASEF A.A. – On almost co-F-closed topologies and their applications51
ERDOGAN M.E., CINAR C. – On the dynamics of the recursive sequence 59
HUSSAIN S., ROSAS E. – Properties of  γ-semi-regular-open sets and  γ-s-closed spaces67
KARCZMAREK P., PYLAK D., WÓJCIK P. – Singular integral equations with multiplicative Cauchy-type kernels77
NASEF A.A., EL-MAGHRABI A.I. – Weak and strong forms of  γ-irresoluteness 91
NOIRI T., BHUVANESWARI J., RAJESH N. – On totally  πg-continuous functions101
NOIRI T., POPA V. – On iterate minimal structures and M-iterate continuous functions109
XIE T., LI H. – On e-continuous functions and related results121
ZAYED E.M.E., EL-MONEAM M.A. – On the qualitative study of the nonlinear difference equation 137


Fasc. Math. No. 49 (2012)

ALIMOHAMMADY M., SADEGHI A. – On the asymptotic behaviour of pexiderized additive mapping on semigroups 5
AYDI H. – Common fixed points for four maps in ordered partial metric spaces15
BISHT R.K. – Common fixed points of conditionally commuting mappings satisfying weaker continuity conditions33
JHADE P.K., SALUJA A.S. – On the convergence of an iterative method for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in intermediate sense43
KHAN H.H., ALI R. – Growth and approximation errors of entire series having index-pair (p,q)61
NADIR M. – Adapted quadratic approximation for logarithmic kernel integrals 75
NURAY F., RHOADES B.E. – Statistical convergence of sequences of sets 87
POPA V., PATRICIU A.-M. – Altering distances, fixed point for occasionally hybrid mappings and applications 101
RAJ K., SHARMA S.K. – Sequence spaces defined by a sequence of modulus function in n-normed spaces 113
RAVI O., RODRIGO J.A.R., THARMAR S., VIJAYALAKSHMI K. – Between closed sets and *g - closed sets127
SARMA B. – Statistically convergent difference double sequence spaces defined by Orlicz function 137
SUNDARAM P., SHEIK JOHN M., RAVI O., LATHA R. – On g-regular and g-normal spaces145


Fasc. Math. No. 48 (2012)

AKINBO G. – Common fixed points for weakly compatible mappings satisfying
A-contractive conditions of integral type
CARPINTERO C., RAJESH N., ROSAS E. – Operation-b-open sets in topological spaces 13
EL-MAGHRABI A.I., AL-SUBHI B., JAFARI S. – On strongly generalized
pre-continuous mappings
GUPTA V., ARAL A., OZHAVZALI M. – Approximation by q-Szász-Mirakyan-Baskakov operators35
IONASCU E.J. – Regular octahedra in {0, 1, K, n} 349
KUMAR D., BISHNOI P. – On the refined measures of growth of generalized biaxially symmetric potentials having index - q 61
LISKOWSKI M. – Sobolev spaces "with mixed functions" 73
MURTHY P.P., TAS K., CHOUDHARY B.S. – Weak contraction mappings in Saks spaces83
RAJESH N. – On weakly g~-continuous functions 97
SEDGHI S., ALTUN I., SHOBE N. – Some properties of T-metric spaces and a common fixed point theorem105
TAŞDELEN F., BAŞCANBAZ-TUNCA G., ERENÇIN A. – On a new type Bernstein-Stancu operators119
TRIPATHY A.K., RAO K.V.V.S. – Oscillation properties of a class of nonlinear differential equations of neutral type 129
WITUŁA R., HETMANIOK E., SŁOTA D. – Mean-value theorems for one-sided differentiable functions145


Fasc. Math. No. 47 (2011)

IWIŃSKA M., POPOWSKA B. – Characterizations of the exponential distribution by geometric compound5
MANRO S., KUMAR S., BHATIA S.S.– R-weakly commuting maps in G-metric spaces11
MATKOWSKI J. – Mean-value type equalities with interchanged function and derivative19
NOIRI T., POPA V. – Further properties of quasi M-continuous functions29
OLALERU J.O., AKEWE H. – The equivalence of Jungck-type iterations for generalized contractive-like operators in a Banach space47
RAJ K., SHARMA S.K. – Weighted substitution operators between L p -spaces of vector-valued functions63
RAJESH N, EKICI E., JAFARI S. – On new separation axioms in bitopological spaces71
RAVI O., MISSIER S.P., PARKUNAN T.S. – Decomposition of bitopological (1,2)* -homeomorphisms 81
SAMET B., VETRO C. – Comments on the paper "Coincidence theorems for some multivalued mappings" by B. E. Rhoades, S. L. Singh and Chitra Kulshrestha89
SHARMA S., TILWANKAR P. – Common fixed point theorems in intuitionistic fuzzy metric space using general contractive condition of integral type95
SULAIMAN W.T. – A note on summability factors of infinite series117
VATS R.K., KUMAR S., SIHAG V. – Fixed point theorems in complete G-metric space127


Fasc. Math. No. 46 (2011)

AKKOUCHI M., POPA V. – Well-posedness of fixed point problem for a hybrid pair of mappings5
ALI Z.S.– A short note on a multiplier of the Nörlund means and convex maps of the unit disc17
CARPINTERO C., RAJESH N., ROSAS E. – On a class of (γ , γ')-preopen sets in a topological space25
DESHPANDE B., CHOUHAN S. – Common fixed point theorems for hybrid pairs of mappings with some weaker conditions in 2-metric spaces37
DUTTA A.J. – Lacunary p-absolutely summable sequences of fuzzy real numbers 57
HUSSAIN S. – Applications of minimal γ-semi-open sets 65
JAFARI S., NOIRI T., POPA V., RAJESH N. – On upper and lower faintly δ-β-continuous multifunctions77
PADHI S., QIAN C. – On asymptotic property of solutions of higher order functional differential equations87
RAJESH N., CALDAS M., JAFARI S., MOSHOKOA S.P. – Quasi δ-β-continuous functions105
RAVI O., THIVAGAR M.L., LATHA R. – (g,s)-continuous functions between topological spaces115
SUBRAMANIAN N., MISRA U.K. – The Nörlund Orlicz space of double gai sequences 131
SUN T., XI H., PENG X. – A note on ω-limit set of a tree map 141


Fasc. Math. No. 45 (2010)

AKKOUCHI A.– Well-posedness of the fixed point problem for Φ-max-contractions5
BÜYÜKYAZICI Í.– A Korovkin type approximation theorem and its application 13
ELSAYED E.M. – On the solutions of a rational system of difference equations 25
KARATAS R.– On the solutions of the recursive sequence ( -a+xn-k xn-(2k+1))37
KHEDR F.H., ABDELHAKIEM K.M. – Operations on bitopological spaces 47
KUMAR S.– A note on Jungck's fixed point theorem 59
NOIRI T., POPA V. – A generalization of ω-continuity 71
OLALERU J.O., AKEWE H.– The convergence of Jungck-type iterative schemes for generalized contractive-like operators N87
PACHPATTE B.G.– Approximate solutions of a certain second order integro- differential equation 99
SUBRAMANIAN N., MISRA U.K.– The semi normed space defined by a double gai sequence of modulus function111
TIDKE H.L., DHAKNE M.B. – Existence and uniqueness of solution of differential equation of second order in cone metric spaces 121
TRIPATHY A.K. – Oscillation properties of a class of neutral differential equations with positive and negative coefficients 133


Fasc. Math. No. 44 (2010)
Dedicated to Professor Gerasimos Ladas


CAMOUZIS E., DRYMONIS E., LADAS G.– Patterns of boundedness of the rational system and 9
ČERMÁK J.– On a linear difference equation with several infinite lags 19
FERREIRA M., OLIVEIRA B.M.P.M., PINTO A.A.– Piecewise R&D dynamics on costs 29
GUY R.T., MISIUREWICZ M. – Euler approximations can destroy unbounded solutions 43
GYŐRI I., REYNOLDS D.W.– On asymptotically periodic solutions of linear discrete Volterra equations53
HÖGNÄS G., JUNG B. –Analysis of a stochastic difference equation: exit times and invariant distributions69
MALINOWSKA A.B., TORRES D.F.M. – The delta-nabla calculus of variations 75
MIGDA M. –Oscillation criteria for higher order neutral difference equations with oscillating coefficient 85
NOWAKOWSKA W., WERBOWSKI J. –On connections between oscillatory solutions of functional, difference and differential equations 95
SCHMEIDEL E.– Boundedness of solutions of nonlinear three-dimensional difference systems with delays107
SIZER W.S.– Further instances of periodicity in May's host parasitoid equation 115


Fasc. Math. No. 43 (2010)

ACOSTA A., AZIZ W., MATKOWSKI J., MERENTES N.– Uniformly continuous composition operator in the space of  φ -variation functions in the sense of Riesz 5
ATASEVER N., YALCINKAYA I.– On a class of rational difference equations 13
BAŞARIR M. – On Lacunary strong σ-convergence with respect to a sequence of
DESHPANDE B.– Common fixed point results for six maps on cone metric spaces with some weaker conditions 33
GURAN L. – Existence and data dependence of fixed points for multivalued weakly φ-contractive operators 45
KHAN M.S., SAMANIPOUR M., MURTHY P.P. – Common fixed point theorems for compatible maps of type (P) and kind of weakly commuting maps53
KOROŃSKI J. – The radial solution of the heat equation in the cylindrical ring 69
KUMAR D. – On the fast growth of analytic functions by means of Lagrange polynomial approximation and interpolation in CN85
OLATINWO M.O. – Some stability results for nonexpansive and quasi-nonexpansive operators in uniformly convex Banach space using two new iterative processes of Kirk-type 101
PACHPATTE B.G. – Integral equation arising in the theory of partial differential equations115
PĂCURAR M. – A fixed point result for φ-contractions on b-metric spaces without the boundedness assumption127
SEN M. – On I-limit superior and I-limit inferior of sequences of fuzzy numbers139
SUBRAMANIAN N., ESI A. – The Nörlund space of double entire sequences147
SUBRAMANIAN N., MISRA U.K. – The generalized double difference of gai sequence spaces155
YALCINKAYA Ç., KURBANLI A.S. – On the solutions of the difference equation xn+1 =max{1 / xn , xn-1 / xn}165
YALCINKAYA Í., ÇINAR C. – Global asymptotic stability of a system of two nonlinear difference equations171


Fasc. Math. No. 42 (2009)

ALTUN I., TURKOGLU D.– Some fixed point theorems for mappings satisfying contractive condition of integral type on d-complete topological spaces 5
BAKER C.W., CALDAS M., JAFARI S., MOSHOKOA S.P.– More on almost contra λ -continuous functions 17
BOSEDE A.O. – Noor iterations associated with Zamfirescu mappings in uniformly convex Banach spaces29
GRACE S.R., AGARWAL R.P., AKTAS M.F.– Oscillation criteria for third order nonlinear difference equations 39
JAFARI S., THIVAGAR M.L., PONMANI S.A., RAJESWARI R.R. – A bitopological view of γ-open sets 53
PACHPATTE B.G. – Growth estimates on mixed Volterra-Fredholm type integral inequalities 63
PANT V., JHA K. – (ε, δ) contractive condition and common fixed points 73
PARSAI R., RATHORE M.S., CHANDEL R.S. – On a common fixed point of two random operators using random Mann iteration scheme 85
POP O.T. – Voronovskaja-type theorems and approximation theorems for a class of GBS operators 91
RATH R.N., RATH S.K. – Oscillation and nonoscillation criteria for a neutral delay difference equation of first order109
TRIPATHY B.C., DUTTA H. – Some difference paranormed sequence spaces defined by Orlicz functions 121
YALÇINKAYA Í. – On the difference equation xn+1 =α+(xn-2 /xnk ) 133
YALÇINKAYA Í., ÇINAR C. – On the dynamics of the difference equation
x n+1 =(axn-k /(b+cxnk ))


Fasc. Math. No. 41 (2009)

ALIOUCHE A., POPA V.– Coincidence and common fixed point theorems via
R-weak commutativity of type AT
BAŞARIR M., ALTUNDAĞ S.– Some generalized difference sequence spaces defined by a sequence of Orlicz functions 17
BAŞCANBAZ-TUNCA G., TUNCER Y.– Some properties of multivariate beta operator31
CERNEA A.– Lipschitz-continuity of the solution map of some nonconvex second-order differential inclusions 45
ELABBASY E.M., ELSAYED E.M.– On the solution of the recursive sequence
xn+1 =max{ xn-2 , 1/xn-2 }
ERENÇIN A., TAŞDELEN F.– On certain Kantorovich type operators 65
JAFARI S., VISWANATHAN K., RAJAMANI M.– A decomposition of α-continuity and αgs-continuity 73
LOMTATIDZE A., OPLU©TIL Z., ©REMR J.– Solvability conditions for a nonlocal boundary value problem for linear functional differential equations 81
NOIRI T., AL-OMARI A., NOORANI M.S.M. – Slightly ω-continuous functions97
NOIRI T., POPA V.– Minimal structures, m-open multifunctions in the sense of Kuratowski and bitopological spaces107
PACHPATTE B.G.– On some fundamental aspects of certain sum-difference equations119
TRIPATHY B.C., SARMA B.– On some classes of difference double sequence spaces 135


Fasc. Math. No. 40 (2008)

ELSAYED E.M.– On the solution of recursive sequence of order two 5
ESI A., TRIPATHY B.C.– On some generalized new type difference sequence spaces defined by a modulus function in a seminormed space 15
JAIYEOLA T.G.– Some necessary and sufficient conditions for parastrophic invariance of the associative law in quasigroups 25
OLATINWO M.O.– A generalization of some convergence results using a Jungck-Noor three-step iteration process in arbitrary Banach space 37
OLATINWO M.O., IMORU C.O.– A generalization of some results on multi-valued weakly Picard mappings in b-metric space 45
PACHPATTE B.G. – On neutral type hyperbolic integrodifferential equation 57
PANT V., PADALIYA S., PANT R.P.– Common fixed points of mappings not satisfying contractive condition 71
SRIVASTAVA G.S. – Generalized growth of entire harmonic functions 79
SUBRAMANIAN N., TRIPATHY B.C., MURUGESAN C.,– The double sequence space Γ291
TRIPATHY B.C., DAS P.C.,– Some classes of difference sequences of fuzzy real numbers 105
TRIPATHY B.C., SARMA B.,– Generalized Köthe-Toeplitz dual of some double sequence spaces 119


Fasc. Math. No. 39 (2008)

ABBAS M. – Common fixed point results with applications in convex metric space 5
BRANDYS J. – Strong maximum principles for infinite systems of parabolic differential-functional inequalities with nonstandard initial inequalities, 17
LIU Y. – Anti-periodic boundary value problems for nonlinear impulsive functional differential equations 27
PACHPATTE B.G. – On iterated Volterra integrodifferential equation of higher order 47
POPA V. – A common fixed point theorem for two multifunctions defined on closed ball63
SHARMA S., DESHPANDE B., PATHAK R. – Common fixed point theorems for hybrid pairs of mappings with some weaker conditions 71
TRIPATHY B.C., BORGOHAIN S. – The sequence space 87
TRIPATHY B.C., DAS P.C. – Statistically convergent difference sequence spaces of fuzzy real numbers 97
TRIPATHY B.C., SARMA B. – Some paranormed difference double sequence spaces defined by Orlicz function 113
TRIPATHY B.C., SEN M. – Vector valued paranormed spaces associated with multiplier sequences125


Fasc. Math. No. 38 (2007)

BUJAKEWICZ-KOROŃSKA R., KOROŃSKI J. – Linear and nonlinear boundary value problems for polyharmonic equations 5
GE Y. – Notes on spaces with a weak-development 17
KARSLI H., IBKLI E. – On convergence of convolution type singular integral operators depending on two parameters 25
KOROŃSKI J. – Nonhomogeneous parabolic problem in the space R41
KUMAR D. – On approximation and interpolation errors of analytic functions 47
LIU Y. – Periodic solutions of first-order functional differential equations with supper-linear nonlinearities 57
NOIRI T., POPA V. – Separation axioms in quasi m-bitopological spaces 75
OLATINWO M.O. – Some existence and uniqueness common fixed point theorems for selfmappings in uniform space 87
PACHPATTE B.G. – New inequalities of Ostrowski-Grûss type 97
PADHI S. – Oscillation and asymptotic behaviour of solutions of second order neutral differential equations with positive and negative coefficients 105
PŁUCIENNIK P. – A modified Corrado-Miller implied volatility estimator 115
YANG S . – A note on sequence-covering images of metric spaces 125


Fasc. Math. No. 37 (2007)

BYSZEWSKI L. – A system of implicit impulsive nonlinear parabolic functional-differential inequalities 5
KUBIACZYK L, DESHPANDE B. – Common fixed point of multivalued mappings without continuity 19
MlCHAŁOWICZ A. – On the strong approximation offunctions by the Bernstein polynomials 27
PACHPATTE B.G. – On higher order Yolterra-Fredholm integrodifferential equation 35
PADHI S. – Asymptotic behaviour of oscillatory solutions of n-th order differential equations 49
RATH R., PADHY L.N., MISRA N. – Oscillation and non-oscillation of neutral difference e±uations of flrst order with positive and negative coefficients 57
SHARMA S., BAGWAN A. – Common flxed point theorem for six mappings in Menger space 67
©MARDAZ. – On singular initial value problem for nonlinear Fredholm integrodifferential equations 79
©REMR J. – On the initial value problem for two-dimensional systems of linear functional differential equations with monotone operators 87
THANDAPANI E., SELYARAJ B. – Oscillations of fourth order ±uasilinear difference equations 109
ZHU H., HUANG L. – Convergence and periodic properties of solutions for a class ofdelay difference equation 121


Fasc. Math. No. 36 (2005)

AFUWAPE A.U., ADESINA O.A. – On the bounds for mean-values of solutions to certain third-order non-linear differential equations 5
ALTIN Y., TRIPATHY B.CH., IŞIK M., ET M. – Strongly (Vσ,Θ,q)–summable sequences defined by Orlicz functions 15
GE Y. – On closed inverse images of mesocompact spaces 27
IWIŃSKA M. – On the characterization of the exponential distribution by record values with a random index 33
JANIAK T., ŁUCZAK-KUMOREK E. – Stability of generalized functional-differential equations 41
JANKOWSKI L., MARLEWSKI A. – A note on the core topology and three other ones 49
KALINOWSKI J., KLAMKA J. – Positive dynamical systems with delays65
LISKOWSKI M. – Approximation by functions in C0(Ω) in Orlicz – Sobolev spaces 73
POSKROBKO A. – On self-adjointness problem for Jacobi operators83
SHARMA S., DESHPANDE B. – Discontinuity and weak compatibility in fixed point consideration of Gregus type in convex metric spaces 91
SKÓRA L. – Remarks on first order impulsive ordinary differential equations with anti-periodic boundary conditions103
WEI G., SHEN J. – Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of implusive differential equations with positive and negative coefficients109


Fasc. Math. No. 35 (2005)

AGARWAL R.P., GRACE S.R., O’REGAN D. – On the oscillation of certain advanced functional differential equations using comparison methodsy 5
ARAL A. – On a generalized λ-Gauss Weierstrass singular integral 21
BOHNER M., HILSCHER M. – An eigenvalue problem for linear Hamiltonian dynamic systems33
KUMAR D. – Approximation of growth numbers of generalized bi-axially symmetric49
LIU Y., GE W. – Global attractivity in a non-autonomous logistic type model with unbounded delay59
MIGDA M. – On the discrete version of generalized Kiguradze’s lemma75
PACHPATTE B.G. – Explicit bounds on some retarded integral inequalities81
RATH R.N., PADHY L.N. – Necessary and sufficient conditions for oscillation of solutions of a first order forced nonlinear difference equation with several delays 95
REMPULSKA L., SKORUPKA M. – On strong approximation of functions of one and two variables by certain operators107
SHAKER M., ABDUL-HUSSEIN, SRIVASTAVA G.S. – A study of bornological properties of the space of entire functions represented by multiple Dirichlet series115
WASZAK A. – Some remarks on strong convergence in modular spaces of sequences143
ZHANG G., CHENG S.S. – On two second order half-linear difference equations155


Fasc. Math. No. 34 (2004)

Brandys J. – Uniqueness criterion of a classical solution of a biparabolic problem in an unbounded domain with a curvilinear boundary5
Gupta V., Abel U. – The rate of convergence by a new type of Meyer-Konig and Zeller operators15
Jiang D., Xu. X., O'Regan D., Agarwal R.P. – Multiple positive solutions to semipositone Dirichlet boundary value problems with singular dependent nonlinearities25
Kubiaczyk I., Saker S.H. – Oscillation and asymptotic behavior of second-order nonlinear difference equations39
Kumar D., Kasana H.S. – Approximation of entire harmonic functions R3 in Lbeta - norm55
Pachpatte B.G. – On some basic finite difference inequalities65
Padhi S., Kar P.K., Nayak S.K. – Necessary and sufficient conditions for the solutions of second order neutral differential equations to be oscillatory or tending to zero73
Stevic S. – Sequences which satisfy a logarithmic linear inequality85
Tal-Figiel B. – Green function and some inhomogenous problem for the equation P2u(x,t)=f(x,t)97
Tal-Figiel B. – Some nonlinear diffusion equation with three nonlinearities105
Tomczak K. – Some remarks of Borel the means of trigonometric Fourier series121
Walczak Z. – Approximation properties of certain modified Szasz-Mirakyan operators of functions of two variebles129
Walczak Z. – Certain modification of Szasz-Mirakyan operators141
Waszak A. – A contribution to the theory of modular spaces of sequences149
Liu Yuji., Ge Weigao – Existence and nonexistence of positive solutions for nonlinear three-point boundary-value problems157


Fasc. Math. No. 33 (2002)

Adamczak M. – Some remarks on almost periodic functions5
Baranski F., Tal-Figiel B. – Some nonlinear problem to the equation delta u - c u = f for a sphere21
Benchohra M., Ntouyas S.K. – On an hyperbolic functional differential inclusion in Banach spaces27
Lin X., Shen J. – Bounded oscillation for a class of even order neutral difference equations37
Pachpatte B.G. – Inequalities useful in the theory of certain partial differential equations49
Rempulska L., Skorupka M. – Approximation of functions of one and two variables by some operators57
Stoiński S. – An application of modular spaces to approximation problems, IX89
Tal-Figiel B. – Green function and a nonlinear problem for the diffusion equation
in a cylindrical ring
Tal-Figiel B. – On a radial periodic solution to the diffusion equation for the exterior
of a ball
Tomczak K. – Approximation by means of Borel type of Fourier series115
Waszak A. – On the strong convergence in some sequence space125


Fasc. Math. No. 32 (2001)

Baranski F., Zdankiewicz Z. – Green functions and periodic solution to the m-parabolic equation with boundary-value conditions of Riquier type5
Byszewski L., Hachaj J. – On a parabolic problem together with a semilinear equation and a semilinear initial condition15
Doąlý O., Pospíąial Z. – Hyperbolic transformation and hyperbolic difference systems25
Iwinska M. – Properties of record values with random index characterizing exponential distribution49
Koronski J. – On the homogeneous quasi polyharmonic polynomials55
Kulenovic M.R.S., Hadľiomerspahic S. – Existence of nonoscillatory solution for linear neutral delay equation61
Kumar D. – Proximate type in reference to generalized biaxisymmetric potentials73
Parhi N., Tripathy A.K. – On asymptotic behaviour and oscillation of forced first order nonlinear neutral difference equations83
Stanimirovic P.S – Computation of matrix splittings and their applications97
Waszak A. – On properties of some modular spaces of double sequences105


Fasc. Math. No. 31 (2001)

Benchohra M., Sntouyas S.K. – Controllability of nonlinear integrodifferential inclusions in Banach spaces with nonlocal conditions5
Graef J.R., Thandapani E. – Oscillatory and asymptotic behavior of fourth order nonlinear delay difference equations23
Gupta P., Gupta V. – Rate of convergence on Baskakov-Szasz type operators37
Janík V., Maruąiak Pavol – Existence of nonoscillatory solutions of the third order quasilinear neutral differential equations45
Migda M. – Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of nonlinear delay difference equations57
Migda M., Schmeidel E. – On the asymptotic behavior of solutions of nonlinear difference equations63
Rehák P. – Oscillation and nonoscillation criteria for second order linear difference equations71
©pániková E. – Oscillatory properties of solutions of neutral differential systems91
Stoinski St. – Some remarks on spaces of almost periodic functions105
Walczak Zb. – Approximation of functions of two variables by modified Szasz-Mirakyan operators117


Fasc. Math. No. 30 (1999)

Bogalska K. - The Voronovskaya type theorem for the Basakov-Kantorovich operators5
Cheng S.S., Liu S. T., Zhang G. - A multivariate oscilation theorem15
Gurdek M., Kurczynska J., Walczak Z. - Approximation theorems for some operators in weighted spaces of functions of two variables23
Machaj J. - An application of the Green method to a determination of unique solutions of iterated parabolic-elliptic problems37
Herzog M. - Some remarks about a generalized method of summability of series57
Koronski J. - On the periodic solution of the parabolic problem for the cylinder63
Koronski J. - The periodic solution to biparabolic equiation for the three - dimensional temporal - spatial cylinder with boundary conditions of riquier type71
Koronski J. - The radial solution of the factorised polyparabolic equiation in spherical shall81
Liskowski M. - Interpolation inequalities in Orlicz-Sobolev space99
Pachpatte B.G. - A note on multivariate variants of Hardy's inequality107
Pachpatte B.G. - Integral inequalities of Wirtinger and Opial type in three independent variables113
Pieniazek A. - A limit problem for a factorised parabolic equiation of the fourth order131
Popenda J., Radicheva E. - Growth estimates for solutions of difference equiations147
Stankiewicz J. - Smoothing conditions and their applications159
Stoinski S. - On compactness of almost periodic functions in the Lebesque measure171


Fasc. Math. No. 29 (1998)

Anioł G. - On the rate of pointwise convergence of the Kantorovich-type operators5
Dľurina J., Mihaliková B. - A note on unstable neutral differential e±uations of the second order17
Górzeńska M., Le¶niewicz M., Prętki Cz. - Approximation of functions of several variables inexponential weighted spaces23
Kananthai A. - On the tempered distribution related to the ultra-hyperbolic equations35
Liskowski M. - Approximation in Orlicz-Slobodeckii space by functions in C(Ω)43
Łazarski K. - (W, p)-integral equivalence of multivalued differential systems with delay55
Mieleszko M. - On the asymptotic behavior of the solutions of nonlinear difference systems73
Pachpatte B.G. - Integral ine±ualities associated to the zeros of solutions of certain higher order differential e±uations87
Pieni±żek A. - On a construction of hypoparabolic polynomials of two spatial variables and its application99
Seman J. - Comparison theorems for n-th order nonlinear differential in equalities with deviating argument113
Stoiński S. - Approximation with respect to a measure in a modular space, VI.125
Stoiński S. - On the indefinite integral and approximation of H-almost periodic functions133
Szymański J. - Branches in recursive trees139
Wang Tingfu, Ji Donghai, Li Minii - U-points and quasi-U-points in Orlicz function spaces149
Zhang B.G., Li Wantong - On the oscillation of odd order neutral differential equations167


Fasc. Math. No. 28 (1997)

Werbowski J. - Dobiesław Bobrowski - his life and work7
Bylka Cz. - Coincidence theorems in random normad space9
Cheng S.S., Zhang B.G. - Nonexistence criteria for positive solutions of a discrete elliptic equation19
Dondajewski M., Szymański J. - Vertices of small degrees in random recurisve dags31
H±cia L., Kaczmarek L. - On the boundedness of solutions for system of two-dimensional Volterra integral equations43
Iwińska M. - On the characterization of the exponential distribution by expected value of record value with random index57
Kamps U. - Subranges of generalized order statistics from exponential distributions63
Kiguradze L, Sokhadze Z. - On the structure of the set of solutions of the weighted Cauchy problem for evolution singular functional differential equations71
Kubiaczyk T., Mostafa Ali N. - On the existence of weak solutions of the Darboux problem for the hyperbolic partial differential e±uations in Banach spaces93
Linttner M. - The biharmonic polynomials of the two independent variables101
McKee S., Popenda J. - On the existence of asymptotically constant solutions of a system linear difference equations109
Musielak J. - On random Lipschitz condition and its aplication in approximation theory119
Ntouyas S.K., Tsamatos P.Ch. - Existence results for boundary value problems for differential equations with deviating arguments127
Popowska B. - Geometrie approximation of mixture of discrete life time distributions135
Rużićkova M., Spanikowa E. - Comparison theorems for differential equations of neutral type141
Szafrański Z., Szmanda B. - Oscillations of some difference equations149
Waszak A., Żurakowski D. - - Musielak-Orlicz spaces of sequences connected with strong summability157


Fasc. Math. No. 27 (1996)

Bastinec J. - Singular Cauchy-Nicoletti problem for system of differential equations5
Firlej B., Rempulska L. - Approximation of functions of several variables by some operators of the Szasz-Mirakjan type15
Gupta V., Srivastava G. S. - On simultaneous approximation by combinations of Baskakov~Szasz type operators29
Koroński J. - A note on m-parabolic problem for spherical shall43
Mieleszko M., Morchało J. - Asymptotic equivalence between a nonlinear system and its nonlinear perturbation55
Pachpatte D.B., Pachpatte B. G. - Existence of global solutions for some higher order differential and intergrodifferential equations67
Rakoczy K. - - On some class of the parabolic polynomials81
Tryhuk V. - Pointwise transformations of linear functional-differential equations of the n-th order95
Sheng-Li Xie, Cheng Sui Sun - Oscillation criteria for a class of neutral difference equations101


Fasc. Math. No. 26 (1995)

Bobula E. - On certain solution of the Maxwell equation with nonconstant velocity of the electromagnetic impulse5
Bobula E. - On the reversible diffusion process11
Grzesiak M. - Extreme compact operator s between real spaces of complex continuous functions15
Kaczmarek L. - Immersion of a differentiable manifold with symplectic structure25
Kokilashvili L. - On the existence of proper solutions of high order nonlinear differential equations37
Koroński J. - The first three - parabolic problem for the time - spatial curvilinear trapezium61
Lakić S. - Two iterative methods for the matrix inverse square root89
Pachpatte B. G. - On Gromvall type ine±ualities occring in the theory of differential equations109
Rempulska L., Skorupka M. - On approximation of functions by some operators of the Szasz - Mirakjan type123
Ruľickova M., Spanikova E. - Oscillation of functional differential equations of neutral type with the quasi-derivatives135
Stoiński S. - On the indefmite integral of a Stepanov's almost periodic function143
Stoiński S. - Real-valued functions almost periodic in p-variation151


Fasc. Math. No. 25 (1994)

Bastinec J., Diblik J. - On Existence of Solutions of Singular Cauchy-Nicoletti Problem for System of Two Differential Equations5
Bing-Gen Zhang, Sui Sun Cheng - Oscillation Criteria and Comparison Theorems for Delay Difference Equations13
Firlej B., Rempulska L. - Strong Summability of Interpolatory Polynomials in Generalized Hölder Norms33
Grygiel W. - The Problem of Optimization for Some Functionals Defined on the Permutation Set and Their Reliability Interpretation48
Iwińska M. - On the Characterization of the Exponential Distribution by Distributional Properties of Spacing between Record Values with Random Index55
Kneľo D., Soltés V. - Existence and Properties of Nonoscillatory Solutions of Third Order Differential Equation63
Korczak J., Migda M. - Comparison Theorems for Difference Equations75
Koroński J. - A Note on M-parabolic Problem for the Strip with Boundary Condition of Even Order81
Kovaćik O. - Parabolic E±uations in Generalized Sobolev Spaces Wk,p(x)87
Mihalikova B., Dżurina J. - Oscillations of Advanced Differential Equations95
Nowakowska W., Werbowski J. - The Oscillatory Behavior of Linear Recurrence Equations105
Prętki Cz. - On Limit Properties ofSolution of Equation (Δ - a2 ) u (x, y) = O in the Hölder Metrices113
¦marda Z. - On a Singular Initial Value Problem for a System of Integro-Differential Equations Depending on a Parameter123
Soltes V. - Oscillatory Properties of Solutions of Second Order Sublinear Differential Equations127
Soltes V. Juhasova Z. - Oscillation of Even Order Nonlinear Functional Equation with Demating Arguments135
Stanek S. - On a Certain Five-Point Boundary Value Problem for Second-Order Nonlinear Differential Equations Depending on the Parameter147
Stankiewicz J. - On a Property of Bezier Polynomials155
Szafrański Z., Szmanda B. - Oscillations of Some Linear Difference Equations165
Waszak A. - On Some Modular Spaces of Double Se±uences III175
Wu Congxin, Cheng Lixin - Some Characterizations of Differentiability of Convex Functions on Small Set187
Żarek M. - Some Generalized Variability Ordering among Life Distributions with Application to Weibulls and Gamma Distribution197


Institute of Mathematics

Piotr Rejmenciak

Poznań University of Technology